for every product sold, we plant a tree

Our Model

The way we operate at Roamwide is a little different from other online travel stores. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment in whatever way possible while providing you with the best travel accessories to make your trips as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

To do this, we partner with brands whose mission aligns with ours. We carefully research and curate each brand that we sell. All information about their practices and products is available on our product pages. We review and sell products that are durable, functional, beautiful and sustainable.

Optimized Shipping: We also try to minimize the trips each product makes, i.e. our products will be shipped to you directly from the brands’ warehouses. This means that when you purchase through our website, we liaise directly with our suppliers who will then carefully package your product and send it directly to your home. This also means that if you buy different products from different brands, you will receive these products separately.

Affiliate Products: For some of the products that we curate, we join the brand’s affiliate program. This means that if you click on “Purchase” you will be taken to this brand’s product page where you will be able to purchase the product directly from them. This will be clearly stated on the product page. When you purchase a product for which we have an affiliate link, we will earn a small commission from the brand itself at no additional cost to you.

Giving Back to the Earth: We plant a tree via for each product we sell in our shop whether it was sold through an affiliate link or not. As we partner with brands that also pledge to give back, each product sold will give back to nature or charities twice as much. You will see how our brand partners also contribute to giving back on each of our product pages.