Giving Back

Surfers, Bondi Beach, Australia, Photo by Sam Wermut

We're not perfect. However, there are little things we can do to mitigate the environmental impact of our actions. For example, we can try to be mindful when traveling, reduce, reuse, recycle products, limit the use of plastic products whenever possible, or participate in initiatives to offset carbon footprint or help reforestation.

Because we care deeply about the planet and we want to create a business that gives back to nature, we have decided to partner with to reduce our carbon footprint, offset our carbon emissions, and ship our products carbon neutral.

We also donate a portion of our proceeds to Surfers Against Sewage, a UK-based charity that is dedicated to the protection of oceans, waves, beaches, and wildlife, and fights to end sewage and plastic pollution.

On occasions, we also donate to other international and local charities. Sign up to our newsletter to be updated.

If you would like to join the movement, please do so here:

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