for every product sold, we plant a tree

About us

We are two frequent travelers (French and American) based in London who are always looking for the next destination. Experience has taught us that the right gear is the secret sauce for a smooth trip. When you’re not constantly fumbling for your water bottle, wondering where your charger is or digging in your suitcase for that one small thing, you get to focus on the main event: seeing the world.

But we are also acutely aware of the impact that traveling has on our environment and the places we visit. We both love nature and try to find ways in our everyday life to minimize our impact on the environment.

So naturally, when we look for travel gear we also take this into account. Fortunately, there are a lot of great brands out there that think like us and create well designed and functional products that are also durable and sustainable. 

However, the internet is saturated with endless products and it’s not always easy to find these great sustainable products among all this noise!

Enter Roamwide. We're the little shop on the virtual corner that you can trust to bring you the greenest, coolest and most useful travel gear and accessories. We’re taking the time to research and vet all our brand partners to give our customers easy access to ethical, sustainable products with low environmental impact. Our product list is carefully curated for you so you don’t have to spend hours researching the best sustainable travel products.

We’re sourcing products that save time and space, help you organize or make your trip easier in some way. We like design-forward but practical items. We are constantly on the lookout for reusable products that replace harmful single-use plastic and help us all be more responsible tourists.

Whether you travel once a year or once a week, for work, for pleasure or both, at Roamwide, you will find something to inspire your journey.

What makes us different?

We’re a travel store with a conscience! We understand that consumer behavior has to change if we want to mitigate the climate emergency unfolding before us. We also know that our customers care about what’s happening in the world and want to make better consumer choices. Roamwide is here to help!

That said, we’re not interested in “eco-shaming” of any kind! Becoming more aware of what you use and throw away is the first step. With a pragmatic and positive attitude, we’ll all figure out how to refine and perfect our habits together… without shaming each other! 

Our business model is diversified. We only want to deliver the best products to our customers, and we do so by partnering with brands that are as laser-focused on quality and sustainability as we are. For more information on this, please see Our Model.

We're attentive, too. Have questions? Suggestions? Issues with your order? Reach out anytime -- we're real people standing by to help you with your questions or comments.